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Cover Letter

Welcome to my playground. On this site I'll try to let my talents shine as bright as possible. Or at least you might see a glimpse when it's dark.

I'm a London-based all-round Designer & Developer with 10-years' experience in advertising. I highly respect straightforward communication both in new and old-school media, trying to follow the ethos of less-is-more both on screen and paper.

Print Materials

Having worked closely with Creative Directors and print handlers, I've laid out business cards, catalogues, some outdoors and packaging. It was specially interesting to work on newspaper format.

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Sangar's store launch with Taevas Ogilvy

Optimist packagin with Taevas Ogilvy

Sangar's resellers catalog with Taevas Ogilvy

Sangar Press newspaper with Taevas Ogilvy

Identity Design

I dig memorable type-based branding. Using basic colours has its benefits for budget-sensitive client: minimalistic approach might free resources for better print materials, or even letterpress for maximum posh.

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MillionPlus' identity with IM London

Valge's identity

Voxter's identity identity with IM London

Honeyblue's identity

Optimist Identity with Taevas Ogilvy

Responsive Websites &

I think of mobile web and responsive emails like of a folded newspaper. Same styling, typography and overall quality has to be felt between the fingers.

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Audient website with IM London

Sherwood photo blog with Taevas Ogilvy

Whole Grain endorsement with Taevas Ogilvy

Boost Capital e-mails with IM London

Honeyblue webstore

Creative Direction &
Image Manipulation

Often making a good creative requires one to take an asset apart and clue the pieces back together. Other times the whole set needs to be torned down and rebuilt.

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Fiidi Bear with Taevas Ogilvy

Retro t-shirt concept

Fiidi Bear with Taevas Ogilvy

Car illustrations for Maldon

Competition work

Illustrations & Art

On my spare time I enjoy painting and drawing stuffed animals or building sites. Surprisingly I'm all sold out. Continue to the galleries:

Illustrations Gallery

The Awful Art of Failed Taxidermy

Bethnal Green Under Construction


Short story illustration

Bethnal Green Under Construction

The Awful Art of Failed Taxidermy

Partnership & Awards

Depending on the schedule I'm always interested in creative projects, start-up plans and art extravaganza. I'm equipped with semi-pro Canon DSLR and experimental Theta 360-degree spherical cameras for second-unit photography.

I'm also looking for (independent) writers and publishers who are in need of illustrations - naive animals, creatures, noise and cityscapes. Something for children's stories, poetry collections or grim fantasy.

If you think we might hit the same note, let me know about your ideas by my email.


Web & Print Design
Adobe CS & CC (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

Web & Email Development
Responsive HTML5/CSS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, MAMP, AMPPS

Wordpress Management
Template programming, Theme modifications

Web Marketing
SEO, Social Media, Google Analytics & Search Console, MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, Google DoubleClick (HTML5 banners)

Presentation Design
Keynote, PowerPoint

Photo & Video Production
Canon SLR camera systems, Theta 360-degree cameras



2014 - Golden Egg

Gold Award in Print Design

Young Creative

2011 - Golden Egg

First Young Creative Award

Young Creative

2012 - Golden Egg

Second Young Creative Award

Fiidi Bear

2013 - Golden Egg

Bronze Award in Digital Design


2012 - Golden Egg

Bronze Award in Digital Design


2008 - Golden Egg

Special Design Award


2014 - ADC* Estonia

Package Design Finalist


2014 - ADC* Estonia

Print Design Finalist


2013 - ADC* Estonia

Print Design Finalist


London, Sep 2015

Creativepool Year Book 2015

Tallinn, Sep 2014

Estonian Design Year Book 2014

Ham Up